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  • Home Security Cameras

    Home Security Cameras

    What is a home security network camera?

    A network camera, often also called an IP camera, can be described as a camera and computer combined in one unit. The main components of a network camera include a lens, an image sensor, one or several processors, and memory. The processors are used for image processing, compression, video analysis and networking functionalities. The memory is used for storing the network camera’s firmware (computer program) and for local recording of video sequences.
    Like a computer, the network camera has its own IP address, is connected directly to a network and can be placed wherever there is a network connection. This differs from a web camera, which can only operate when it is connected to a personal computer (PC) via the USB or IEEE 1394 port, and to use it, software must be installed on the PC. A network camera provides web server, FTP (File Transfer Protocol), and e-mail functionalities, and includes many other IP network and security protocols.
    Network camera illustration
    A network camera connects directly to the network.

    A network camera can be configured to send video over an IP network for live viewing and/or recording either continuously, at scheduled times, on an event or on request from authorized users. Captured images can be streamed as Motion JPEG, MPEG-4 or H.264 video using various networking protocols, or uploaded as individual JPEG images using FTP, e-mail or HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). More on video compression formats and networking protocols.
    In addition to capturing video, Axis network cameras provide event management and intelligent video functionalities such as video motion detection, audio detection, active tampering alarm and autotracking. Most network cameras also offer input/output (I/O) ports that enable connections to external devices such as sensors and relays. Other features may include audio capabilities and built-in support for Power over Ethernet (PoE). Axis network cameras also support advanced security and network management features.

    Introducing the new family of Lorex Wireless Network Cameras, the LNC Series brings easy set-up & connection to a whole new level. The first IPcamera on the market that is capable of having a complete set-up without the need of a personal computer or a tech wiz. You can connect within minutes with a quick QR code scan using the free Lorex Ping mobile app and configure the ip camera settings all from your mobile device! Using Lorex's secure cloud connectivity ensures you stay connected to what matters most, anywhere you go.

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  • Mini Analog AHD Cameras

    Micro Analog CCTV Cameras
    The analog micro camera is an unused gadget, when used Bond throws it straight ahead of himself in an arc, it can stick to any surface it hits. The gadget looks nearly identical to a bug but larger with a tiny lens on one side.

    Purchasing Guide of Covert Micro Camera

    1. Select the security camera(s) that suits to your application considering all the aspects of Field of View (FOV), Signal System, Night visibility, Video resolution (TVL), Minimum illumination (LUX), etc...

    2. Check the video connector type built-on both camera and video outlet of either display monitor or recording device and make sure to purchase proper converter(s) separately if the connector type(s) is(are) different than the connector type built-on both endings of the cable to be used.

    3. Measure a distance between camera(s) and recording or monitoring equipments and purchase a proper length of the cable from available one(s) in 3-in-1 RCA cable or 2-in-1 BNC cable.

    4. Most of CCTV cameras come with its' own power supply, otherwise make sure to purchase a proper power supplier separately and suggest you to purchase a larger amperage power transformer if you want to operate together with other DC-12V equipments that power drawn and shared from the same power transformer connects to the camera.

    5. Make sure to purchase and use one of the power splitters when power is drawn from a power transformer and shared with two or more equipments.

    6. Now review the installation guide shown on each product site thoroughly after all required parts and proper camera are decided to purchase, then determine firmly before move on to the purchasing process whether you will be able to handle the easy Do-it-Yourself installation procedure or not? If you are not so sure, please always contact us.


  • Hunting Trail Cameras

    Notebooks, agendas, office accessories and more. Everything you need to combine the pleasant and the useful, either at work or at home.

  • Life-Saving Cameras

    Details matter! Liven up your interior with our selection of home accessories.

  • Car Vehicle Cameras
  • Sport Action Cameras

    Sport Action Cameras

    Action camcorders, sometimes called action recorders, are rugged, compact video cameras designed to capture footage in places where conventional camcorders can't go. Whether you're a scuba diver, skier or musician, there is an action camcorder designed to record you doing what you love.

    They're designed differently than conventional camcorders in several ways. They're tougher, so you can bring them on adventures without any worry of breaking them. They also have wider fields of view than typical cameras, so they can capture a field of view similar to what the human eye would.


    All action camcorders are not created equal. We've graded these cameras using the following criteria:

    Image Quality
    When it comes to evaluating the image quality of action camcorders, there are two areas you should pay attention to: resolution and frame rate. A resolution of 720p or over is defined as high-definition. Some cameras have up to 4K resolution, which over eight times as large as a 720p video. The higher the resolution, the sharper and more detailed the video will be. Perhaps more importantly, you can zoom in without losing the sharpness. Zooming is especially critical in action cams because their wide-angle videos means you might want to generate close-up shots that the camera didn't naturally capture.

    Frame rate measures the number of frames per second you can capture. A high frame rate eliminates some motion blur, and it means you can play your video back in slow motion. For slow motion, you'll need to record at a minimum of 60 fps, although recording at 120 fps will give you a much higher playback quality. The best action cams can record at 240 fps, which means you can play your footage back in super slow motion without losing any detail.

    Battery life, size, shape and toughness are the most important design features to pay attention to in an action camcorder. Battery life is often dependent on the settings you program into the camera. For example, if you're shooting at high definition with a high frame rate, your battery will run down quicker than if you're shooting at standard definition. An action camera should last at least two hours if it's shooting high-definition video at 30 fps.

    Size and shape are also important considerations when choosing an action camera. While a camera with the conventional camcorder shape (tall, skinny and deep) will be ideal as a helmet cam, it won't have the flexibility of a brick-shaped action cam because it will protrude awkwardly from a chest or wrist mount.

    Toughness is also important. Many action cameras come with rugged cases that protect their lenses and other fragile parts. If you're a scuba diver, make sure you get a camera that is waterproof rated to the maximum depth you'll dive.

    Many of the top action cameras have Wi-Fi. This allows you to control the camera with a smartphone app, which is essential because action cams often have a limited number of buttons available to navigate menus with. Some smartphone apps even allow you to preview the shot, which is a huge bonus on a camera without a built-in preview screen. A few apps let you upload footage from the camera through your smartphone to social media, without having to use a computer.

    Time-lapse mode is another feature to look for. This tells the camera to take a photo at a set interval of time, such as once every ten seconds or once a minute. You can use editing software to turn the resulting set of photos into a beautiful time-lapse video. HD action cams make ideal time-lapse cameras because they're tough, waterproof and they have a wide-angle perfect for capturing landscapes.

    An action camera will let you relieve your favorite moments over and over. Make sure to choose the right one by checking out our reviews and side-by-side feature comparisons.

    Sport cameras are small size and high video quality, offers wide range of sport cameras for car,bicycle,motorcycle,surf sporting video recording,high speed frame allow it records movement for playback,with multi-style and color.

    The best action camcorders: GoPro Hero 3+ Black, the Drift Ghost-S and the Sony Action Cam AS100V. To learn more about these cameras, keep reading or check out some of our additional articles on action cams

    AEE MD80 is nice mini video recorder,with nice shape and good video quality,multi-clip easy to install in your car,bicycle,motorcycle and so on,640x480 resolution and 30 frames per second allow you to record high quality video,built in battery support up 90 minutes video reocrding,aluminium housing design to protect avoid be destroied.Voice actived support auto recording when voice decibel over 50db. offers AEE MD80,AEE MD80S,AEE MD90,AEE MD90S,AEE MD91,AEE MD92,AEE MD91S,AEE MD88 PD50 MD93 CD50 MD88 PD50 PD80 Mini DV,all are brand new,with aluminium housing design,640x480 resolution with best video recording.

    VholdR ContourHD HD sport camera is just coming sport camera of,it is nice 720P HD sport camera,with nice design,it is very popular for US and Europe customers and so on.

    with volume of sport cameras of,there are: small pocket mini dv,motion detect video recorder,lovly micro digital camera,HD720P sport camera,inspection snake camera and so on...

    Sport & Outdoor Cameras

    Are you a sports fan? Would you like to catch the action on film to save forever? Then get yourself a high speed sports camera. These gadgets will let you save your sports memories on film or in a digital file. You can save them on your computer, or upload them to Facebook to share with friends and family. Sports cameras can attach to your clothes or helmets to give an up close view of the action. Some can wireless connect to your computer so you can see what's happening on the field as it happens. Take a look at some sports cameras, and think how much fun you can have with them.

    Whether you want a Sports Action Camera to makes first person Point of View videos (POV Videos) for your own youtube channel or just want to conveniently record you and your friends rock climbing, these sports and action digital camcorders let your record high quality, computer ready videos and pictures that you can be watching and sharing with your friends the instant you get home

    Helmet Camera Central is the #1 source of high-quality helmet cameras in North America. We carry every reputable brand of helmet cam for a truly diverse range of applications. Our customers include various sportsmen and women, law enforcement, racecar drivers, military and many others.
    Our helmet camera lines feature cams suitable for use underwater (with an external waterproof case), high altitudes (for skydiving and other extreme sports) and even rugged, durable gun-mounted models that can withstand the high impact of large firearm recoil.

    The awesome Tachyon HD camera demoed in this video, for instance, illustrates the incredible versatility and impeccable quality that you can expect of the items here at Helmet Camera Central. Depending on your needs and interests, you can film insects going about their daily routine with astounding clarity or take a dive underwater (or through the air for that matter) and capture incredible first-person video of the experience.
    In addition to helmet cams of all shapes and sizes, Helmet Camera Central is the leading online catalog of camera-related accessories. We provide camera batteries, camera chargers, various cases, add-ons, mounts, memory cards, replacement parts, lens kits, lights, viewers and more.
    Our reviews are incredibly detailed and are packed with product images, videos, technical specifications and all of the information about an item you could that you possibly want. We also take the time to build easily readable comparison charts between similar items to help you make informed purchasing decisions.

    We are not a nameless big box distributor but a local southern California company with a commitment to each and every one of our customers to research, review and provide the best helmet camera equipment available anywhere.
    We offer email, phone and live chat support and our team is a tight-knit family that genuinely cares about making sure all your questions are answered and all of your needs are met. From all of us here at Helmet Camera Central, thank you for your business and continued support!

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